The sky darkens, squirrels and jays scold an unseen threat, a pileated woodpecker makes a histrionic exit. Then nothing. The sky brightens.

The scattered creaks of red-winged blackbirds off in the woods. A mosquito wanders over my shirt, testing the fabric with her frail drill.

A hummingbird lands on my red iPad cover and probes the fold with her bill at one end, then the other, while I read an article on the NSA.

Clear and cool. The orb-weaving spider whose web spans the end of the porch hides against the house with only her gray underside showing.

The buzz of a hummingbird sizing up her reflection in a porch window. From behind the house, a Carolina wren’s incessant harangue.

Sun shimmers on a tangle of frizzy brown hair snagged on a nail. I release it into the yard—good nesting material for some small mammal.