Friday May 18, 2018

The clock says “early” but the sun says “late”. The distant cries of schoolchildren mingle with the birds.
I’ve decided to re-name this blog The Morning Porch/Patio — a bit awkward, I know — so that I can continue posting during the summer here in London, where I expect to spend an increasing portion of each year from now on. My partner lives in a terraced house (what Americans call a townhouse or row house) in Kensal Rise, with a walled back garden and patio where I take my morning coffee… unless it’s raining, which is of course why American-style porches are an inspired architectural innovation.


  1. So glad Morning Porch isn’t going away for summer. I’ll love your England-inspired views!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! We’ll see how it goes. (If I skip a week here and there it’ll be because I’m traveling around.)

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