1. Letter to Sameness and Variation

    Dear heart, at the wood’s edge, the blue-
    headed vireo repeats its only line. It isn’t true
    it has nothing to say– just as it isn’t true

    that sameness will not want to make us
    look again. The wind disturbs the waterfall
    of dogwood blooms along the branch

    and when they settle back in place
    they are themselves, but also different.
    The same way you return but also dazzle

    with your many aspects, one day turning my
    heart on its side and another, making me
    cry out; or rendering me without speech.

    – Luisa A. Igloria
    04 16 2011

  2. Porch on the Potomac
    mirroring your view
    Two years hence I shared it first
    When mallards flew and rain bit
    My world was much darker then,
    but yours was light, so I stayed
    and shared my coffee silently
    reflecting on nature’s bonds
    2011s world is light but
    Mallard’s fly and rain still stings
    and Bonta writes and
    now, so do I.

    1. Hi Linda – Glad I could help! There is a lot of sorrow here, too, seeing what’s happening to the natural world, but it’s hard to convey in 140 characters, so I guess the light wins out.

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