1. Love it! I can just picture this, it made me chuckle.

  2. For me, they are congregating on an elderberry and trying to pick it clean.

  3. I like the image of these loud, opinionated birds all talking at once.

    (Conversations with Stick Series #18)

    They beat me to the edge of the woods, Stick.
    These chattering businessmen are like birds.

    Huh? They are birds, milord. Red-breast robins!

    And I thought this was my sylvan refuge. Bah!
    Look, it’s a tulip tree with chirping red leaves

    Red breasts and pot-bellies, milord. Careful.

    What are you asking me to be cautious for?
    This is my spot. I preside here. My territory.

    (Splatt! Tweet. Sweet! Tweet. Sweet. Splott!)

    That, milord, is something even God could not,
    Would not warn you about, nor even help.

    Dang! Tulip leaves are bombing Libyan planes.
    Hide, Stick. Take cover. These bombs stink!

    (Tut-tut-tut. A full-bellied robin released it.)

    Shut up, Stick! I don’t fancy flatulence either.

    —Albert B. Casuga

    Dave. I posted the link on the culled ” 17 other conversations” (earlier posted in TMP) on FB today. I’ll post HTML, if you want. Thanks for the prompts, amigo!

  5. Wonderful description – I can picture them!

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