Monday September 19, 2011

A meadow vole takes an after-death journey into the forest in the jaws of a cat, who holds her head high for once and does not slink.


  1. I’m always misreading – but sometimes it’s really quite wonderful.

    Here, it was “a meadow vowel” that took an after-death journey. It didn’t take long for “the meadow vowel and the consonant cat” to get together – like the gingham dog and the calico cat.

    I wouldn’t have mentioned it, except it seems so illustrative of the sort of thing Kay Ryan was saying about nonsense. Can’t you just see a kid’s book, with the parody and wonderful illustrations? I can!

    1. Yes, indeed. That’s a children’s book I’d like to see.

      Misreadings are quite often productive, I find.

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