Thursday October 06, 2011

The scattered honks of a lone Canada goose to the east set off a coyote on the sunlit ridge to the west. I take a deep breath of cold air.


The Morning Porch will be going on hiatus for a few days. I should be back to the porch on Monday or Tuesday.


  1. I do so envy your closeness to the wildness of nature.

  2. morning

    Scattered thoughts spiral, steaming coffee.
    Two ducks exploring new wetlands after rain.
    Morning sunlight stretches to the west.
    Two yellow dogs push close for attention.
    Tension unravelling, unweaving, untangled.
    I take a deep breath of cold air.

    1. Your images have successfully shaped a morning that would make me “take a deep breath of cold air.” Bravo, lucychili from Sydney, Australia. See you at the porch.

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