Wednesday September 07, 2016

Warm and humid; the birds are more vocal than they’ve been in days. A squirrel slinks across the forest floor, foraging only in the shade.


  1. Wow, you write shit. Hated it.

    1. That’s cool. It’s interesting that you appear to be using an IP address from, or very near to, Finishing Line Press — as if their reputation needed any further tarnishing!

    1. Oh how droll, another troll. This is the most visitors this sleepy little microblog has had in months!

  2. And one more thing must be said:

    I just read your fb rant and followed the link here. It sounds like a bunch of sour grapes from disgruntled poets who resent rejection. I’m wondering if you and your crew attack every publisher who rejects your manuscript?

    1. I love the word ‘disgruntled’ — one of my favorites. And how I wish I had a crew (as Finishing Line Press evidently does). It would make everything so much easier!

      Wait — you’re saying Finishing Line Press rejects manuscripts? LOL.

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