Windy, with mottled gray and white clouds and a muddy yellow smudge for the sun, as in a fingerpainting. A siskin’s sharp-edged note.


  1. Dave, thanks for this post, which has become another poetry prompt (and partly found poem)…

    Windy, with mottled gray
    and white clouds, and a muddy
    yellow smudge for sun: as in
    a fingerpainting—and a siskin’s
    sharp-edged note to peel the first
    layer of morning away from darker
    dark. Here, too, I tense and quicken
    toward what might haul and bear
    me over from the depths. Up
    from the underground cistern,
    the bucket pitches and sways;
    above, that patch of sky
    and the wind’s wide hands,
    writing and rewriting
    what the day might be.

    ~ Luisa Igloria

    1. Yay! I love it. Thanks for posting it here, too — I’ll share on Via Negativa as well, but it’s good to have the full poem alongside the post that prompted it, and not merely the eventual trackback from VN.

      Once again, the transition from my words to yours is virtually seamless. Though I think you are the superior wordsmith, we obviously share a deep affection for the morning hours.

    2. By the way, under the terms of the particular Creative Commons licence I like to apply to my work (see the About page), you’re free to republish these kind of derivative works anywhere you like on two conditions: that you acknowledge my partial authorship — which I’m sure you’d do anyway — but also that you extend to everyone else the same freedom with your poem, to further build upon it or remix it however they want so long as both of us are acknowledged. That’s what the “share alike” part of the license means.

      A lot of writers don’t want to give that freedom away, but I’ve had nothing but good results from it so far. I’ve had this licence now for three years, and it’s prompted several exciting remixes of Via Negativa stuff, though I think your two Morning Porch-derived poems are the most satisfying results to date.

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