With winter’s gift of unimpeded sight and a white backdrop, I watch crows hop and circle a dark carcass 100 yards off through the woods.


  1. With winter’s gift of unimpeded sight,

    I watch crows circle a dark carcass
    a hundred yards off through the woods.
    Only this white backdrop could make
    bearable, the way the elements
    have chosen whatever’s returned
    as offering to the wheel. In spring
    or summer we’ll come across its bones
    under new growth of grass, bleached
    white as stars that filter light
    all this way through nets of trees.

    12 16 2010
    Luisa Igloria

    1. I like the metaphysical dimension here. (Did you intend that space after the first line?

      1. Yes I did, Dave… Title as first line, that sort of thing. And it did make that metaphysical turn, which I didn’t intend at the outset, but liked in the end.

        1. Oh, O.K., that makes sense. I can post it at Via Neg with that as the title (minus the comma) then.

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