1. Solstice

    How do we know the brown creeper fishing
    in the dark valleys of the walnut tree’s bark
    could not tell this landscape

    from the moon’s? Past midnight, we craned
    our necks toward the heavens’ gathered dark
    and saw the shadow-play of bodies

    entering each other’s path: the brief
    interruption and embrace of light
    by dark and dark by light, the face

    of one passing over the other when
    they’re perfectly aligned. Then
    without rancor, without remorse

    the plumb line lifts– and it seems
    the world is as it was before, though all
    that has transpired has changed

    even the color of the morning sky.

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    12 21 2010

    1. Nice! Did you actually stay up to watch? It was almost completely clouded over here by 1:30, so I went to bed. Which wasn’t so bad, since it meant I got to see the sunrise, obviously.

      I’m gonna have to leap-frog this over the two others in the queue and publish it today!

  2. Yes, we stayed up! Was freezing, though I suspect not nearly as much as in your neck of the woods.

  3. It was beautiful, even before the eclipse. I went out at one point and watched falling snow silhouetted by the moon, which was shining through a thin veil of cloud, a rainbow-tinted halo around it.

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