1. Petition for Something other than White

    Someone has clothed the trees in old white
    feathered house coats. They stand in a line
    against the bluff, waiting for the cantina
    to open. They’re not very happy with
    the costume; and someone could turn up
    the heat, you know. It’s almost noon: they
    want something more than that blue backdrop
    the color of hard gum. Someone could crank
    some mojo into red dixie cups– say, shots
    of tequila and lime to the swell of a throaty
    serenade. And at each cafe table, dark-haired
    gitanos in heeled zapatos de flamenco, dark-
    haired women looking like they’re always ready
    to toss their hair back, flash their eyes, clench
    their teeth around a long-stemmed rose.

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    03 07 2011

  2. And in its leaving: pin feathers, leftover confetti valentine hearts, a seed or two. Jetsam on the move with places to go, drains to plummet like pathways to heaven.

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