Sun! The gobbling of a turkey on the far side of the field, echoing off the ridge, sounds as if it’s coming from the clear blue sky.


  1. Salutation

    My heart bows to the field streaked
    by the sun’s rare currency this morning

    to the worries that call my name
    over and over like I am their favorite child

    to the ridiculous kindness
    of the wild turkeys’ chatter

    to you who’ve called
    me stranger, friend, lover

    to you who’ve sung me to sleep
    and kissed me in doorways

    to you who’ve made space
    for me on this window-ledge of words–

    And you on the edge of the field, I bow to you
    all in shadow, your patience outlasting us all

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    04 14 2011

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