Clear and still. In the corner of what used to a lawn across from the springhouse, the limbs of a fallen tree shine white with frost.


  1. A coat of frost covers the front entrance-way and ramp. Only small puzzles of bird foot-prints disturb its pure white gaze.

  2. sweet =) our weather and the rarity of naturally flowing water
    makes that a novel sight for a south australian =)
    we have a creek across the road in the park which actually flows most of the year but the 40 temps mean any kind of house is probably hot =)
    we do get frost in winter but not snow. it is interesting to learn about what is different. thanks for the picture.

  3. Still grey, gentle. In spring, birds contest everything; top knot pigeons practice competitive folk dance, galahs celebrate dinner with a shout, honey eaters orbit the bottle brush and wagtails swing over the grasses. A first locust investigates my seedlings. Shy sunlight. A soft shadow falls over my hands; sifting grass roots for a new garden.


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