Cold—the porch floorboards pop under my feet. Real snow at last! The rising sun stretches two faint fingers across the driveway.


  1. That weak winter sunlight – you portray it so well.

  2. Well you’ve been waiting for that snow, and now it’s come. Here we have only mud, more mud and yet more mud! Basil the Shetland pony looks like a warthog. No point in grooming him because he just rolls in it again. He’s steaming away under all that mud-baked shaggy fur like the contents of a North African cooking-pot! You might bear the technique in mind if you get too cold. Roll naked in mud and let it set!

    1. Hahahahaha! But beware – is this not also the time-honoured method of cooking hedgehogs so their spikes are removed with the baked clay casing? Don’t get too warm inside your mud layer :-)

    2. Clive, I do hope you’ll be posting visual documentation to the Art Log soon. It sounds as if Basil is trying to transform himself into some kind of mythic beast worthy of a Meri Wells sculpture.

      1. I should get out there with a camera. Thanks Dave for reminding me. And yes, the little chap is beginning to look distinctly Wellsian.

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