1. It looks lovely in my browser and it looks like the right column is larger and more legible but, on a purely selfish note, I liked the navigation bar paralleling that on VN.

      1. If it were easy to keep that in, I would. But lately I’ve found that WordPress themes are too dependent on obscure on nonce functions for a casual user like me to figure out how to modify them, so I’ve pretty much given up.

        1. It’s tablet “optimised” so the sidebar falls to the bottom, but luckily the content of the main page is comparatively short so there’s not too much scrolling to find it.

          1. Oh, nuts. Well, on the one hand, I guess that means that the tag cloud and such must be pushed even further down, but OTOH none of that stuff’s too important compared to what’s in the sidebar on the regular display. The fact that this theme shows tags on the front page is very helpful. Be nice if it displayed a time-stamp for posts the way it does for comments.

            I guess what I like best about this theme, for this blog, is the width of the sidebar. A shame that’s only visible on desktops and laptops. I suppose I could try making a child theme that eliminated the responsive behavior…

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