May 2018

A dampness on the ground and in the air. The sky is, as always, unreadable to me with my lifetime of experience reading continental skies.

Off on my honeymoon to Eigg. Back on June 4.

The clock says “early” but the sun says “late”. The distant cries of schoolchildren mingle with the birds.
I’ve decided to re-name this blog The Morning Porch/Patio — a bit awkward, I know — so that I can continue posting during the summer here in London, where I expect to spend an increasing portion of each year from now on. My partner lives in a terraced house (what Americans call a townhouse or row house) in Kensal Rise, with a walled back garden and patio where I take my morning coffee… unless it’s raining, which is of course why American-style porches are an inspired architectural innovation.