7F/-14C at dawn. The rifle-crack of a tree with ice in its heartwood. I peer like some ancient mummy through my layers of cloth.


  1. Same temps here….love “ice in its heartwood”….a familiar sound not heard very often around here. I’m glad it can occasionally still get this cold.

    1. It’s good news for trees battling insect invaders like the hemlock woolly adelgid – deep cold doesn’t wipe them out but can really cut down their numbers.

    1. One gets used to it. I spent the first five years of my life much farther north, in the state of Maine, back when they regularly got many feet of snow each winter, so I have many happy childhood memories associated with bitter cold winter weather.

      1. It’s all relative, isn’t it? Here in the Australian sub-tropics I’m inclined to think that 20C is rather cool.
        In many ways I enjoy reading of your very different environment – birds, creatures and plant life I’m unfamiliar with. Sometimes I Google them, sometimes I learn them just from what you say.
        (But most of all I enjoy the poetry of your morning writings, which I read each day in my morning – currently hot and humid.)

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