Blue jays in the rain, less blue than gray, converge on an oak one tree in from the edge, tails like hands spread for a throw of dice.


  1. For this week I’m definitely
    voting for Sept 20 and Sept 19. Sign me up for a half-dozen slow-hawk-acorns and a quart of breath-followed-out-to-the-valley roofs.

    I’m really liking this layout where a half-dozen thumbnail poems checker the page. Rooms at a gallery are like that, allowing one to mentally order or clump the paintings arrayed.
    And the new top banner: wow!

  2. Thanks for the review, Evan! This theme is kind of hard to tweak, but I guess I’ll keep it for a while — the page arrangment is hard to beat, as you say. As for the banner, I wish I knew who the artist was. I got it from a free desktop wallpaper site some months ago, and I don’t think that artists were credited. It may be some time before I grow tired of it.

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