1. According to your mother’s books (I’ve read the “Appalachian” series), you are involved with Rothrock Forest. When I was a child (1938-1945), we spent summer weeks in a cabin there. About five years ago I made a sentimental journey back and found the cabin just behind the lake at Greenwood State Park. Last year (2009), we returned to find the cabin gone. I guess it was on leased property and has been demolished? Is that what has happened? Just curious!

    1. Geez, I don’t know. All the cabins on state forest land are subject to strict maintenance requirements, and the BOF has the right to remove them if they aren’t kept up. It’s a weird system: the cabins themselves are privately owned, but the land they sit on is public, and there are all kinds of restrictions on how much time people can spend on them — they don’t want permanent residents.

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