Fog. Again this morning a killdeer’s keening cry. Yard and field are almost snow-free now, and perhaps their flattened state appeals to him.


  1. I love these little guys. I always did, even before I descended the staircase one day and heard cheeping come thru the door to my apartment. I knew right away my daughter, ever the naturalist, was up to something. I opened the door to see a baby kildeer running back and forth on my couch. “Look Mum!” my daughter said, very excited, “I found a baby goose!”

    I helped her take the goose back to where she had found it (the baseball field at the school, where they had mowed), and hoped that it found its mother again. Which was the best thing the extension agent, after he was done chuckling, could advise me to do.

    1. Oh boy. I doubt the kildeer mother was quite so amused! They are interesting birds, and I’m sorry that — like meadowlarks — they stick to the valleys. On the other hand, that can make going off the mountain an adventure, and lord knows I need something to pull me from my barnacle-like existence.

  2. chocolate?

    1. As in Gardner’s? Nah, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. (Cool that it’s there, though.)

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