1. Is there room on your porch for me??? I love this blog!

    1. Thanks. Actually, there is an extra seat, but you’d have to be quiet. :)

      1. Of course! I’ll see you tomorrow morning…I’ll bring the coffee ;)

        1. What, they give you weekend mornings off at the park? Is that part of the new budget cuts? Unacceptable! Park naturalists should be on duty at all hours, like tech support people for the woods.

          1. I actually have off tomorrow….which I’m sure you find totally unacceptable, haha. My apologies on behalf of our state park system. But anyhow, I’m sure a morning on your porch would be beneficial to my professional development (think of all the things you could teach me!)…

  2. Seriously, if you do take a walk up the hollow sometime, feel free to trespass beyond the sign at the fork that says “End of Public Access” and knock on my door (left-hand road, first house). We have seven miles of trails and I’d be glad to show you around (and anyone else you want to bring along).

  3. I will definitely do that sometime!! Thank you, Dave! :)

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