1. Before sight, sound–
    Before dawn, nothing but wind and trains.

    Though I am no diadem, take me into the day
    like an offering to the third eye–

    In the crown of a birch, the evening star
    still burns: so fiercely,

    even the fast-moving clouds
    can’t extinguish it.

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    12 24 2010

    1. I like this a lot, but the pedant in me has trouble with “the evening star/still burns,” which seems to suggest that Venus has been in the sky all night long. Why not “the morning star/burns”?

  2. Two reasons, Dave– because I didn’t want to use “Venus” in the poem; and second because I wanted to retain some sense of that “working in the dark before day” idea… I think it should still work fine as “evening star”.

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