1. Thankful for the lack of Jack Russells, I smile at the snuffling snarling rodents under the foundation. Living in the crawl space is an honorable profession. The grayness fades as I consider the half-light between this and that.

  2. Letter to the Hungry Ghosts

    Dear unseen, constantly unsated ones,
    I’ve fed you on your feast days, remembered
    to bring you water or wine in clear shot
    glasses. For you the first pared slices of fruit,
    the first hot mounds of rice scooped into doll-
    sized bowls before the steam even hit
    our faces. Sizzling oil and fat, sugar, sage,
    citrus. Cake and cream, batter and bread,
    even the crust at the bottom of the pan.
    Should I have offered you sweetbreads:
    say, my own liver, my lungs, my heart?
    I’d pictured the afterlife as a kind of zen
    garden: a long corridor lined with suites
    in a 24/7 spa where souls washed clean
    of dirt and free from grasping desire now
    wander in a state of fragrant, aimless bliss.
    So why have I heard you snarling in the dark,
    hatching ruinous plots and making mine-
    fields of our backyards? There are new
    holes there today that can’t have been made
    by the lone squirrel disinterring its breakfast,
    cleaning off the dirt with its teeth.

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    03 09 2011

  3. A commitment? Can it be? Yes! There’s A View from Another Porch turned loose in the world, with as many links to you as I could politely shove in. And I surprised myself greatly with today’s first entry:

    A rising cacophony of gulls tugs at my dreams and pulls me from slumber – an alarm unset by human hands.

    I’m actually looking forward to this.

    1. That’s a very auspicious beginning — I’m sure you’ll do a great job with the series. Thanks for the linkage, and keep in touch. (Weather Underground has blogs? Who knew?)

      1. “Weather Underground has blogs? Who knew?”

        Not very many people. That’s where I actually got started, amongst the photographers and weather geeks. Blogged there for six months and then moved to wordpress. My first blog entry was a recipe for pecan pie. ;-)

        1. It’s kind of a neat way to expand people’s perception of what a weather report can include.

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