1. On The Darbha Grass Where The Pot Of Soma Lay

    On the flattened darbha grass
    Garuda kept the pot of Soma –
    ransom to free his mother from bondage.
    He asked the thousand serpents
    to take purificatory bath at the river.
    As they slithered away
    Indra took away the celestial drink;
    the hissing serpents mad with anger
    pressed their bellies on the grass
    where the pot lay, licked
    the dharba sharp like razor,
    and thus acquired forked tongues.

    1. It might help if this is read after ‘Garuda’ written in response to yesterday’s post.

  2. Lint

    *What would you give up or do for others
    this season of sacrifice, penance and fasting?*
    asks the Catechism teacher of the fourth
    and fifth graders. A boy in the classroom
    writes, his struggles with spelling equal to
    those with theology and science: “Lint
    is an elemental metal that is light and
    durible.” Oh merry mixed-up strand
    in the middle of all this gravitas, yarn
    twisted in domestic hue– Lint, he said:
    lint from the undersides of sleeves; pillings
    gathered in the pockets of our coats, fur
    left behind by the feral cat pressing
    its belly to the grass– all the little
    parts that come off, that we shed as we
    scrape through the surfaces of days.

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    03 13 2011

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