1. A Season is Announced

    The rabid stipple of
    squirrels painting with their fingernails
    the scrabble tiles of last years nuts
    the rapid barber pole spin of
    water in quivering pipes:
    O Spring! Is it left to me
    the last of your servants
    to announce your coming?

  2. Letter to Silence

    Dear silence, the deeper I fall into your
    soundproofed well, the clearer I hear
    these arias: beyond the window, a rapid
    scrabbling of claws on bark; indoors,
    a waterfall miming a moving drape.
    The clicking of the laundry cycle, tinkle of
    a brass bell in the shade of the dogwood tree.
    Has the reaper come, has the harvest
    started? Whether or not I am ready, the grain
    explodes from its golden husk. And still I crave
    the warmth more than the amber in the cup;
    and still I am in love with the zest of oranges,
    that opening of light crosshatched with blue above.
    I’ve kept fingernails, eyelashes, hair; dried stumps
    fallen from my daughters’ navels: the smallest
    things that tether us tightly to this world.

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    03 27 2011

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