Sunday July 31, 2011

Cool and still. The piece of thistledown stuck to a porch post by an invisible thread—small flag of an ephemeral country—barely trembles.



    This cool stillness on a bare porch jolts me
    from a somber thought: hanging by a thread,
    this fluffy piece of thistledown tells us all
    about how tenuously we cling to a place we
    never really owned. Like that wind tossed
    seed-carrier, when we dance our final twirl
    and all the dancers off the floor, we hold on
    to a lingering melody that keeps us swaying,
    alas, to an absent band—an invisible yarn
    binding us to a story’s end. We barely tremble.

    —Albert B. Casuga

  2. I love the image of the thistledown as a small flag – the flag of the world of faery perhaps.

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