1. Black sky over the harbour at noon.
    Seagulls unusually still. All the birds flock in to wait on the beach. Bushfire is coming.
    80000 stock lost, people too, homes and hopes. A family of kangaroos calling to each other as they rediscover each other in the ashes.

      1. Inspired by a visit to the Koppio museum near Port Lincoln which has a room dedicated to the 2005 bushfire called Burning Issues. It has scary images of the fire and poems and stories by local people. Also some different puddles of melted metal which used to be things like motors, farm equipment. It barely missed the museum itself. It looks ok there now although they have had some fire this year. We had dinner with some people who lost their stock, homestead. Australian scrub recovers from fire amazingly well but it is harder for people and animals.

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