1. My Neighborhood Near Valentine’s Day

    Who really knows the heart
    of the other: the singing wonderman
    who lives across the street, city
    policeman living next door, Sikh
    who owns the corner gas station,
    polka winners up the highway,
    juncos wearing mourning coats
    at the feeder. Me – I barely know
    myself most of the time. One day
    I admire squirrel tracks, next day
    want to drop kick the rascals.
    It’s February – the month of love.
    What say we give everyone
    a break? Do unto others
    and all that. Shoot a hello
    to everybody. Lock up the guns.

    Mary Linton

  2. It’s been way too long since I visited your Morning Porch. You’ve redecorated! The masthead painting is so vibrant; wonderful. And I really like the “on this date” feature.

    1. Thanks! I’m proud of that feature, too — it kinda justifies going to the trouble to self-host just to use that plugin. As for the the Clive Hicks-Jenkins painting in the header, it’s such a natural fit for the blog I don’t even remember what preceded it.

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