Dear friends, I am migrating north and 3500 miles east for the winter. I will be back at the beginning of March, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Thanks for reading, and remember, if you miss your Morning Porch fix, you can always stop by and check out the previous years’ entries in the sidebar. Have a great winter.


  1. 3500 miles east – for the winter – yikes!! – is it a little south, also? Stay warm and be happy. I look forward to your return. Thanks for your faithfulness.

  2. I am starting a hot summer here in Australia, and about to spend a month in a different part of the country, catching up with old friends and rellies.. I’ll miss you, but I’ll be distracted. :) Go well!

  3. Oops, just noticed these comments now. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I am settling in nicely here, and posting occasional Twitter updates on the view of the back garden.

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