Her shadow draws my eye to the pileated woodpecker flying as silently as a pickpocket’s hand from one trunk to the next. A flash of crimson.


  1. When I read your daily posts, I want to go outside and try to find the beauty you revealed and name it. That you us the proper bird or plant names adds an intimacy, a friendship between yourself and what you observe. I enjoyed the shadow as a pick-pocket’s hand today! Thanks for your daily sharing.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, often it’s hard to use the proper names for things in micropoetry – there either isn’t enough room, or it simply weighs the poem down unnecessarily – but at 140 characters these prose micropoems (if that’s what they are) have just enough room, and I’m glad you feel it adds to the overall experience. I suppose they’d quickly become boring and repetitive if I simply referred generically to birds and trees.

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