Thursday September 29, 2022

Breezy, cold and clear. Perfect weather for my favorite autumn sport, watching leaves fall: those that tumble, those that plummet, those that twirl.


  1. PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME. I’ve tried many times through the “unsubscribe” link, but get nowhere. It’s an endless loop. I’ve tried “trash” and various other things. Please help. Keep writing, but not to me.

    1. Hi Lainey, if you’re subscribed through – the form in the sidebar – I’m afraid I don’t have much to do with that. You’ll have to log into your account, and contact help if needed. If you’re subscribed through an older system I had in place before, please forward one of the emails to me at

      1. I just clicked on the unsubscribe link in my own latest email and it unsubscribed me no problem. But I had already been signed in to

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