1. David – A comment for today, about the squirrel perched on a swaying limb chisels open a walnut. That haunted house sound.

    No walnuts here in my mountains of Colorado and the gray squirrels are super tiny. Bu this rang to me today. My gray squirrel friend named Callaway is dead. He was six years old and nearing seven. He knew me, loved me in squirrel fashion. Every morning, even during wicked snowstorms, he would appear. I fed him sunflower seeds. He did not like walnuts. He chatted with me and my husband. Sat next to our chairs and legs as we had morning tea. Part of the family! The unbelievable part is the day after he was killed by a car, Every squirrel in the vicinity had a wake for him. They came to our porch. Must have been 15. Chatting, screaming crying. Callaway was dead. They continued all day. You take care please, don’t die too soon. Callaway died too soon and I need to write and tell his story. Will buy your book. Barbara Mertus Munyon. Your site is incredible and thanks for keeping it up all these years.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. That’s an amazing story! I’ve never heard of squirrels mourning like that. Wow.

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