I glance up from my reading to meet the sun’s bleary eye. A squirrel bent into a ball, dangling tail curled left, pauses—a semicolon pose.


  1. I file this under:
    “punctuation — as fauna silhouette”
    “punctuation — effective use of em dash”.

    And I find it interesting
    that the engine below the post
    recommends “similar posts”.
    I want to know what html algorithm
    is parsing the poetry.

  2. I of course tried to use a semicolon in the post, but it was more of an em-dash pause. So much for literary self-reflexivity.

    That’s actually two software plugins working together to generate the related posts lists. The algorithm (with parameters I set, focused on content analysis) is the popular Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for WordPress. Read about it here. It usually needs blog titles in order to display anything, but I’m using a plugin called Blogger Title Fix — designed obviously for a different purpose — to generate ad-hoc titles from the first few words of posts.

  3. sounds like you have work on your mind

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