1. Thaw

    Fallen branches ring
    the dead cherry, each bearing

    a row of teeth. The air
    is soft now that the rain

    has stopped: milky gruel,
    thin salty broth we drink

    and drink from the rim
    of the bowl. So many nights

    to have gone without sleep.
    So many days we have walked,

    fingers curled tight into palms.
    So much sound in the crackly

    air. We are so hungry now.
    We are so eager for the dish

    of melted ice in which to dunk
    the loaves of dreams.

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    02 02 2011

  2. Rain
    and fallen branches,
    so many nights
    without sleep,
    so many days
    as the antiphon
    of two poets
    the dead cherry.

    Thank you Dave and Louisa. Your responsory is amazing.

  3. Love Poem

    A fallen branch rings
    the dead cherry,
    which softly drops,
    shriveled and starry.

    Bleak and blustery,
    you say I’m the rain
    that does not stop pouring
    that my shy, curious gaze
    makes you feel like running.

    No, rather, I am the cherry,
    softly dropping,
    shriveled and starry,

    and you are the branch
    that bears broken teeth
    and rings me in
    with honeyed laughter
    that is completely cruel
    and still somehow beautiful.


  4. Could I just touch the rain and the snow,
    What would I feel?

    Could I keep the snow without melting, in the jar?

    Could I drink the rain?

    And what if I mend the fallen branches,
    Thread it with my hands?

    Or would I just be there,
    In place of the broken teeth and branches

    Stay with Frost
    Even wait for the next rain to come.

    1. Those are good questions. I am reminded of the “ice cream” my mother used to make with a bowl of freshly fallen snow when we were young.

  5. Wow!

    Bathing in a snow of ice cream

    Feels like sliding on a rainbow

    Feels like dancing with branches

    Feels like jumping on jellos

    These make me happy, too.

    Thanks for your thoughts Dave.

    A blessed evening.

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