Clear, cold and windy. A turkey vulture slides sideways above the trees, rocking on its rigid wings like a catamaran crossing a rough sea.


  1. Meditation on a Seam

    Little bytl, little mallet, hammer
    steadying to bear down quick
    upon the nail, the polished wood along
    the length of the barre hardly belies
    the place where, surely, your flat edge
    bucked the rivet’s tail against the shaft.

    And the dancers, you can almost see them
    lay their palms for ballast as they hoist
    their grand battements into the air, then
    hold them there. And their arms, like brachia
    of suspended trees, bend to ease sleek heads
    toward the hardwood floor. What do you imagine

    the afterlife to be? A brace will bind a sail
    to make it taut against the wind. Outside,
    the tarp of leaves disguises as its shadow;
    a bird rigid in the cold clear air skims
    between the currents, its sooty wings
    outspread as if in annunciation.

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    03 02 2011

  2. Dave, please correct one spelling — it is bytl (an old Welsh word for mallet) with a y, no i. Thanks.

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