1. Always a Story

    Always a story
             beneath the cold and quiet—

    Always a nest being refurbished
             under the springhouse eaves—

    Always the smell of mud at the edges,
             the window finally come unstuck—

    Always a gnarl in the fabric
             where the fibers knotted—

    Always a smooth new trail
             tracked around the village of scars

    ~ Luisa A. Igloria
    03 20 2011

  2. as if this were forever,
    this nest of being,
    this lush mudhole,
    this stench of holy nothingness,
    this lodestone of dissolution:

    but in the dazzling darkness
    below the subsoil’s sill,
    wafers of soot scintillate still —

    O immaculate lodestar
    in the night sky, black hole,
    womb of solitude and sorrow

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