The brown mountain of two weeks ago is now astonishingly green. Nothing I saw abroad holds a candle to this view, with its scarlet tanager.


  1. Brocade

    The brown hill, two weeks gone
    is a green mounded garden now.

    Hummingbird colors, a brocaded band
    boil over on my tender hand.

    The man from under hill comes back,
    weighs the brilliancy against what’s found

    in the scuffle of the day; the bitterness
    of coffee nestling home against the throat

    against Welsh beer and the singsong
    voices of the old islands. And typically

    he upsets the scales and invites the spiders
    to sit and take such ease

    under the eyes of tanager and brewer
    as ever they’ve found in their spinning lives.

  2. Welcome home. We do live in a beautiful part of the world, don’t we?

  3. Welcome back- Kinda cool that you got to see the change all at once…

    1. Yeah, it’s not when I would’ve preferred to travel, but I certainly couldn’t have picked a better two weeks for dramatic transformations.

  4. ‘Morning, Dave. Nice to reconnect. I loved Morning Porch from day one almost; my first introduction to Twitter. Just want to say thanks.

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