Gone for just two days, I come home to find half the lilac crushed by a fallen limb from the dead elm. A phoebe already uses it as a perch.



    You know, milord, that guy who wrote:
    “…And Death shall have no dominion,”
    he’s wrong. Terribly. Look at these lilacs
    crushed by a fallen dead elm branch.
    Even in death, it destroyed the beautiful!

    Shut, up, Stick. A little learning is a
    dangerous thing. The poet said: “Death,
    where is thy sting?” Leave me with my
    tea, will you? I need it hot this morning.
    Look, Stick, a phoebe uses it as a perch.

    —Albert B. Casuga

  2. The storm blew down my arm, my heavy arm, it crushed
    some bushes in the garden where I’m standing, I’ve been
    dying in this garden for as long as I recall.

    Alas! a little different wind, I might have crushed
    the newly-painted hood of Dr. Bonta’s car.

    1. It’s “Mr.” I don’t own a car. And don’t I get some points for letting dead trees stand? (They’re good for wildlife. :)

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