An explosive snort of a deer that I hadn’t noticed standing in the dim light at the edge of the woods, her ears swiveling toward the east.


  1. How wonderful to see this at such close quarters.

    1. Deer? They’re almost as common as squirrels here. (Still beautiful, though. Albeit destructive.)

  2. It took me awhile, living here, to learn what that sound was. Until I lived at close quarters with them, I did not realize how many sounds these very quiet animals make.
    By the way, I love the artwork…grackle, teacup, house.

    1. Clive’s great, isn’t he? Click on the link in the sidebar to see the whole painting.

      The common animal whose noise I took forever to learn was the groundhog, AKA “whistle pig.” It just sounds like a very large squirrel… which is basically what it is.

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