A cloudless blue sky. It’s hard to tell the pale elm flowers from the sunlight shining on bare twigs and branches. A dove calls and calls.


  1. just a note…please tell your mother (and anyone else that might get excited about it) that I saw a Sandhill Crane in Williamsport when they would have been migrating–it was heading south toward the river a few hundred feet away!! I will be watching for it and I hope, a mate as I walk at the Tree Place. (that’s Lycoming County if that helps)

    1. Will do. Wonder if it was one of the gang that wintered in a field near State College? Regardless, it’s exciting to see them moving into our area!

      1. I’m not sure but I found those Centre County residents while I was searching my own county for sightings and natives before I spoke with the Audobon person from Easton. She said that the Centre county ones seem rather to live there. That mine is either a new one here or one that got blown off migration course. She was mentioning a rather large number of them that breed in Erie County.

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